With fast credit applications, it is not necessary to pay in advance, that is why urgent loans without advance payment are available in most online financial institutions dedicated to give quick loans to customers who meet the requirements of each loan. financial

Do I have to pay an advance?

The quick credits you find here, do not ask you to pay an advance. Even sometimes in our categories, we give access to a series of urgent loans without interest and without advance , in which nothing is paid, only the money requested. And why is it like that? Some companies do so with the intention of attracting new clients and charging interest on the second loan they request.

In what type of financing are advances paid?

There are some private and financial private equity lenders, who ask for an advance to request an urgent loan, that is because they must conduct a study of the client and creditors, who are willing to approve a loan. Even if the request is rejected, customers have to pay a certain cost. There are cases in which the study is real, however, there are scammers who take advantage of this, to scam users who need money. Through the advance payment, they say they will do a study and finally the only thing they do is keep the money of the “client”.

How do I avoid wasting time?

If you do not want to end up making a request to a lender that asks for money in advance, it is best to directly request urgent loans without advance payment in the fast credit online financial institutions and to stop problems. However, another way to do it, is to read the terms and conditions of the financial companies in which you are interested, there you will see all the information related to the payments and very important data. There are many financial companies that also have a section of “FAQ” or “frequently asked questions” in which you can also leave that type of detail.

Nor should we rule out other financial solutions apart from fast-financing financial institutions, including resorting to more traditional ones, such as personal loans offered by banks . Currently the number of banks is very large and there are very good conditions when it comes to having to pay interest or negotiate the money that is requested in a personal loan.


We do not recommend applying for loans so that the user has to pay an amount of money in advance or have to pay a study for the application of the credit. We recommend that you directly access the quick credits, which you can find in the categories of this website or on the home page of this website. In addition to that you can also access financial listings that we have already made the opinions of the most important online banks in Spain and internationally.