Currently many people have unpaid debts, which is why loans with Asnef without a mortgage guarantee are being demanded by a large number of users.

Why not ask for a loan with a mortgage guarantee? Risk a home is too much risk, to request small amounts of money. So it is best to make sure that in the conditions or paperwork , that it is not a mortgage loan .

There are lenders who make loans to their clients, without their knowledge, who use a mortgage guarantee. That is why it is always important to look at what is signed.

In the case of not paying a loan, although this is not a mortgage loan, from justice can make attachments for defaults to the financial company or private lender .

What are the disadvantages of asking for a loan without a mortgage guarantee?

Not all are advantages when applying for money, without being able to provide the confidence that a home gives. The disadvantages are several, some of them are, being able to access much smaller amounts or having to pay more interest.

How much money can I ask for?

In the credits with Asnef , you can find different types of financial products. Fast loans with Asnef , are about online loans, which are requested in a matter of minutes and are generally returned in a month.

  • Apply for one: fast loans with Asnef .

Then there are other solutions, in which you can apply with several installments, although these fees are usually not as many, as you can get, if you are not on the Asnef list and the interests are still large.

Therefore, from this website, we always recommend leaving the Asnef list .

  • More information about leaving the list of defaulters: Leave Asnef .

Without Mortgage Guarantee

The credits with endorsement of the car . These are usually the best conditions, the car is at risk, but the interests are usually higher. Cars must have a certain value, if for example they are more than 10 years old, they are not usually valid.