Quick loans in Vigo are available from several financial and websites that offer online financing, in a safe and legal way.

Apply for fast credits online.

You can request quick credits from the internet, located in Vigo . Just enter the categories of this web page, where we give you access to financial companies that work in a legal way and do not ask for money in advance.

  • Apply for a loan : fast loans with ASNEF . As you can see in the link, the defaulters can also be accepted in this type of financing, although that does not mean that they accept all types of defaulters. The finance company must study the applications received.

Search financial in Vigo.

If you like to go to a physical place and receive personalized treatment, there are also financial companies that are located in Vigo . Below is a list of some of the best known.

  • Atlántica Financiera : is a company dedicated to offering advice and financial services to its clients. They are currently offering quick loans to individuals, debt reunification, mortgages; also services for freelancers among which is leasing, loans for self-employed, renting and services for companies such as loans for companies, confirming and discounts of promissory notes .

Where they are located? : Av. Camelias 81, low. 36221, Vigo.

  • Alube solutions : a financial advisory company with which to obtain financing services for individuals, for companies and advice when making investments. They also offer insurance coverage services.

Where they are located? : C / Manuel Nuñez, Nº3, 2nd, office 3. 36203 Vigo


The alternatives that you have to apply for a loan in a bank, are available from the financial ones of which we have spoken previously, but you also have to take into account the financial services that are already working online.