What is the status of your finances at home? Hanging like these pants? …

If your answer is yes, please explain it to me .

You’re a lucky guy, a privileged one with work with a more or less comfortable situation resulting from the hours you put in the office and it’s been like that since you started working more than ten years ago.

Let’s say that, as a result of a mixture of luck and effort, you have never had to learn to take control of your personal finances because like Spain in its day, “your economy is doing well” .

However, your environment is changing . Before, practically none of your friends had been affected by the crisis. Most of them are university students and seemed far from the environments in which the crisis such as construction had hit hardest . But this is changing, as a heavy fog the crisis has penetrated all sectors .

Now a few of your friends have been unemployed. They are already a year old and although they are good professionals, they are not finding placement and they spend all day moving their CV from one portal to another and updating Linkedin.

Have you considered that this can also touch you?

If your answer is yes and you already have plan B, then let me congratulate you and advise you to continue reading and leave some comments that allow others to take advantage of your experience.

If your answer is no. What are you waiting for? You are always in time to start controlling your personal finances and for this you only need to want to do it and have a small guide to help you, and you are in the right place.

I’ll give you three pills that will allow you to start making decisions to take the reins :


1.- You need to know your income and your expenses:

You need to know where you are. You need to know your current real situation beyond the deceptions you have put in front of your eyes.

Píldoras CV1€

Real example: you have an X3, a flat in one of the best areas of your city and every weekend you go out to dinner with your friends. Your situation is enviable in the eyes of everyone.

However, you are not aware (since you do not have your income separated) that you are actually making ordinary payments (which you have yes or yes) with extraordinary income (which may or may not be bonus type).

The moment you do not give the extra income your economy goes bankrupt . You have a ” host ” around the corner and you do not even expect it.

Start reading this post to know your expenses and this other to learn to control them . This will give you tools to know your expenses and even allow you to identify some other expense that you could save .

2.- You need to organize your income:

You must be able to identify what income can be an opportunity to invest and what will simply be used to cover current expenses.

For this I recommend you read this other post that will give you tools to control your income. And yes, I want you to realize that I say ” control” , because even if you think yes, if all your income goes to the same place you do not really control it, you are your puppet .

3.- You need a plan:

What do you want to be when you grow up? How do you want to spend your time now and where do you want to be when you retire? Do you really think you are too young to think about this and what will come?

First, it was your parents who gave you economic security until you left home and you think that it will be given to you later by Papá Estado. Do you think that Papa State will provide everything you need when you reach retirement?

Yes? Really?

Sorry to break your hopes . You have so many chances that the State will cover your needs when you reach 70 years old and that it was the Three Wise Men who brought you the gifts on January 6. Take a look at this post that will surely give you to think …

You already have your three pills: organize your income, your expenses and prepare your plan.

Take them with a little water and put on your pants at once, it’s about time.

Remember more training in Personal Finance more possibilities to get out of this crisis. It is in your hand.