How to order a credit card online? It is very simple, in this section we will talk about how to do it.

The first thing you should know is that you most likely need to have the documentation at hand and a camera phone.

Most online banks or internet credit card companies need to verify that this is not an attempt at fraud, so in many cases they will ask for a photo of the DNI on both sides or documents that can confirm that it is the real one. applicant

You have to compare different promotions.

There is currently a lot of competition in the credit card industry, so it is very likely that you will find banks that offer credit cards without commissions or with other advantages. Next we will talk about some promotions.

  • ING credit cards without commissions : it is not necessary to have a payroll to request a card in ING Direct. They have a wide list of ATMs throughout Spain, where they can withdraw money without commissions . They also have discounts when buying in certain stores.
  • Open Bank card without commissions : if you open a current account in Open Bank, you can enjoy a free credit card. They do not ask for a minimum amount to open the bank account. Transfers in Spain and the European Union are totally free. They can be ordered online, it will only be necessary to fill out a form on the official website.
  • Card without Abanca commissions : Abanca has a Visa card for all customers who want to ask for it. They have loans through credit cards , with very striking interests and as they say on the official page, they give back 1% of all purchases.

Choose the credit card that best suits your economy.

Credit card online

The most advisable thing is to choose a solution that suits the client, comparing cards can make you lose a lot of time, so here are a few links and information that will be very helpful.

Credit cards with Asnef or For defaulters.

Defaulters are rejected in a large number of banks and financial institutions. But do not throw in the towel and give up, we have compiled a list of online credit card companies with Asnef.

  • More information: Online credit cards with Asnef.

Credit cards for freelancers and businesses.

The self-employed or entrepreneurs, can enjoy a lot of advantages when it comes to ordering a credit card. If you want to know which banks are responsible for making specific promotions for self-employed, here is a list.

  • More information: Credit cards for the self-employed.

Credit cards for students or for Erasmus.

Students also need cards that suit their way of spending and living life. For example, students who want to go abroad will need cards that do not have many commissions when it comes to withdrawing money at an ATM.

  • More information: Credit cards for students.

What should I keep in mind before applying for a card online?

Before ordering a card online , it is recommended that you check all the conditions of the small letters or the characteristics. For example, to know if in the second year you have to pay the renewal or more information of that style.