The operation of a consulting company depends on many factors of what we will discuss in the following content. Above all, two very important factors, which are the following: the type of services offered. If you want to set up one, know: finance a new company that has to be put into operation or that the company has been working for years , these factors are essential when financing any type of business.

How is the operation of a consultancy?

A consulting company usually deals with very specific issues, depending on the function for which it was created. The most common in Spain are the consultancies of: accounting issues, financial issues, technological issues and engineering.

In Spain there is an entrepreneurial mentality in which the entrepreneur or entrepreneur is the one who decides 100% how a company works, however, in the USA, the consultants are often those who are responsible for very important issues, about the operation of the company.

And then why do not the consultants set up the business directly?

The entrepreneur is the one who risks his capital. Also the one that puts into operation their contact management, their professionalism and their assets with which to carry out the economic activity, such as a local or a specific license.

Types of consulting companies.

Consulting companies can be divided into different types.

  1. Contultoras of the strategic type . They make a business work, following a strategy with a specific duration and fulfilling certain efficiencies.
  2. Consultants related to financial , accounting and administrative matters . From individuals who want to know how to choose a mortgage to companies that need to do tax, payroll and other accounts.
  3. Technological solutions consultants . As for example the development of software or the use of certain technologies.
  4. Marketing and advertising consultants . Used to promote the services of the company.
  5. Human resources consultants . Very important when looking for efficient workers and control the issue of employment contracts.

Surely there are many more types, these are the most used, especially those of accounting and financial issues.

Finance a new company of technological innovation of new creation and that begins to work.

When it comes to a newly created company, it is more complicated to finance a business idea, since certain profits can not be demonstrated. In this case, it is recommended that you have a business plan, with a very successful financial section. The most traditional ways of doing this is through the following ways.

  1. Financing from banking . In this case it will be necessary to have an endorsement or to be working in another place, so that a demonstrable monthly income can be contributed.
  2. Financial loans . They usually ask for the above requirements.
  3. Venture capital companies or investors: there are companies specialized in financing business ideas, however, they are difficult to convince.
  4. Search for capitalist partners .
  5. Financing crowdlending and crowdfunding.
  6. Government aid for entrepreneurs . It is necessary to be targeted for unemployment and not have benefited from other grants for self-employed workers (in a general way).
  7. Collect unemployment in a single installment.
  8. ICO financing from the government.
  9. The loans for new companies .

Finance a consulting company that has been working for years.

finance consulting company

Being a company that has been working for some time, it has the advantage of being able to demonstrate certain benefits or demonstrate certain assets of the company, in such a way that the financing that can be accessed is the following.

  1. Financing of the bank . In this case, by demonstrating the quarterly statements and annual reports , the greater the benefits, the better.
  2. Financial financing. They usually request the same requirements as the previous point.
  3. Investment partners and venture capital companies: they are easier to achieve, when it comes to a company with certain experience in the sector.
  4. Government financing (ICO).
  5. Types of financing for companies and freelancers.

How does a consulting / technology company finance?

There are many types of consultants, however, the technological ones are the ones that are heading the current times, the most frequent forms of financing are the following.

  • Through small loans . Sometimes it does not take a very large investment to finance a consultancy. These can come from banking, lenders, financial, venture capital companies, Business Angels …
  • Through leasing . So that expenses are saved at the beginning of the activity, such as transportation, necessary equipment and material.
  • Through government aid for new entrepreneurs, collect all unemployment monthly payments in a single month, ICO financing from the government.
  • Through a financing round with companies related to innovation and sponsors.

Financing phases of a start-up.

There are different ways to finance a start-up, however, we can do it through some schemes or recommended forms, like the ones you have below.

  1. Investment of the founders. Necessary to build a brand.
  2. Search for contacts Thanks to the accelerators and companies that are responsible for attracting investors.
  3. The common funding. Of which we have spoken in the previous sections.
  4. Risk capital.
  5. Financing for start ups.

Business ideas for entrepreneurs.

If you want to start a new company, we have collected business ideas that have little investment and that may be interesting for you.

  • List : The BEST BUSINESS ideas with LOW investment. They are very common ideas and traditions, however, they can also become very stable, starting with a very small amount of money.

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