Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics in Surrey

Whether you sustained an injury or injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident or sports-related activities, it is always critical to visit a professional physiotherapist who can help you to manage the pain and correct dysfunctional movements, which will ultimately improve your life. Fortunately, there are various renowned physiotherapy clinics that are well known for helping people with different types of injuries and conditions.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics in Surrey
If you are a resident of Surrey suffering from sports or accident related injury, you can find well established physiotherapy clinics that can help. These clinics boast of having some of the most qualified physiotherapists and rehabilitation experts who can help you to feel better. This is usually achieved using a range of exercise, laser and manual therapy techniques, among other modalities. If you need an accident injury rehab expert or TMJ therapy in Surrey, these clinics can help. They are renowned for offering:

1. Physiotherapy
Movement dysfunction can be termed as any change in the body kinetics which tends to restrict the efficient function of the body. On the other hand, physiotherapy is a renowned healthcare profession which focuses on the prevention as well as improvement of movement dysfunction. Some of the conditions that these experts can handle include:
a) Back and Neck Pain
b) Problems Secondary to Aging
c) TMJ
d) Injuries, resulting from work-related or Car Accidents
e) Pain
f) Postural Problems
g) Congenital Anomalies as well as
h) Post-Surgical issues

2. Laser Therapy
These experts also employ laser therapy, a procedure that employs the use of a laser light. This is normally directed on the injured part of the body to significantly accelerate the healing process. The technique is known to help in quickly treating larger muscle groups, reducing inflammation and increasing mobility. Some of the key benefits of the technique include:
a) Quick soft tissue repair
b) Reduction of acute pain
c) Increased blood circulation
d) New as well as healthy tissue growth and
e) Stimulated immune functions

3. TMJ Therapy
If you are in need of TMJ therapy in Surrey, these clinics can also help with this. The temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull’s temporal bones that which are in front of your ears. Ideally, the joint enables you to easily move your jaw either in the up/down direction or sideways. However, when the TMJ joint or the muscles that are around it get damaged, it can significantly affect how you chew and talk. The best news is that if you have a problem with the joint, these experts can provide you with TMJ therapy, a procedure that is meant to rehabilitate and restore its functionality.

In addition, these professionals also have the expertise in providing wound as well as hand therapy. One of the greatest advantages is that they normally employ very accurate diagnosis procedures which are aided by some of the most advanced technologies in physiotherapy. This enables them to recommend or perform treatment and rehabilitation procedures that will work in your specific situation. Whether you are in need of accident injury rehab or TMJ therapy in Surrey, these clinics are able to meet your needs.


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