Hypnosis for weight loss, what you need to know

Summary: Many people think of hypnosis is a substandard treatment for weight loss. This is a misconception and you can actually benefit from hypnosis for weight loss.

For weight loss you have tried everything, dieting and exercising to ditch those extra pounds but it seems not working out. Then you hired trainers, nutritionists and doctors, yet there seems to be no effect whatsoever. One professional you might be ignoring is a certified hypnotist.

Hypnosis for weight loss may seem like a totally alienating concept but it is helpful. What we know about the hypnosis is mostly from Hollywood that presents a different picture of what truly it is. In words of experts, hypnosis does not turns you into a mindless zombie but instead hypnotherapy is all about telling yourself subconsciously what you want to be like to lose weight, to sleep better or to focus better.

Surprisingly, Hypnosis works a lot better than tradition medicine and therapies in helping with body weight problems. Studies show that people who used hypnosis for weight loss along with dieting lost more than twice the weight as compared to those who only relied on dieting. In a study published in the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, it is reported that women who underwent hypnobehavioral therapy not only successfully lost their body weight but also improved their eating habits and enhanced their body image.

Should you try hypnosis for weight loss?

Not everyone needs hypnosis for weight loss. If you think you are a mindful eater then you may be able to control your eating habits with exercise and dieting. Hypnotherapy is helpful primarily for emotional and unconscious eaters who try everything possible to lose weight and are aware of what they should and shouldn’t eat, still they do not have enough willpower to follow.

The difference hypnosis brings into the therapy is that it works on your willpower and make you ready to take on the challenge. Working on the subconscious level it improves eating habits and you gradually become a mindful eater.

How It Works

There is nothing you imagine, there is no watch waving or “you are getting sleepy” stuff. It is pure science and it involves conversation between the therapist and the patient about the goals and what triggers eating. It is more of a scripted conversation which allows patients to look at their underlying problems and work out a solution.

A therapist can include many tools to help you improve your eating habits. It usually involves meditation and relaxation exercises. Dieting is also part of the treatment but most emphasis is on changing the underlying habits and conditions that trigger unconscious eating.

If you are wondering how long it takes, then there is no said time limit. Usually most hypnotists ask for at least six sessions time. However, patients can experience the difference from second or third session onwards. If there is no improvement of chance till third session then your therapist might revisit his practices and tools he uses for the therapy.

According to the experts, self-hypnosis audio programs can also work for most people. If you want to use hypnosis for weight loss most probably you can benefit from audio programs.

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