5 Benefits of Using Rechargeable Hearing Aids in Edmonton

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries have taken over a large share of the audiology market. Leading hearing aid manufacturers are now using the Roger FM system to create amazing products for those who need rechargeable hearing aids in Edmonton. Many of the recharging units will switch off the hearing aid while charging and put it on again immediately after you take it out of the charging station.

Here are some of the main benefits of using rechargeable hearing aids in Edmonton:

Easy to Use

Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are easy to use. With a rechargeable hearing aid, you are free from buying batteries frequently, monitoring their level and replacing them when they are dead. You only need to place the hearing device in its charger at night so that it becomes fully charged in the morning. The hearing aid will be switched off while charging and this makes it easy for people who find it difficult to manipulate tiny objects. In fact, visually impaired people will really appreciate the convenience that these devices offer because they don’t have to strain their eyes or use special magnifying glasses to operate their hearing aids.

Better Performance

Most rechargeable hearing aids in Edmonton can last up to 24 hours. Their batteries only need three to five hours to become fully charged and they will usually last for a full working day. They also have a few features that are not present in the non-rechargeable models. The Roger FM system allows you to receive from the immediate environment, from a device transmitting on an FM wave band or from a streaming device like your phone.

You may sync the hearing aid to your smartphone, tablet or TV. This will allow you to answer calls, and stream videos and music to your hearing device. You can also connect them to many Bluetooth-enabled gadgets. Some rechargeable hearing aids can also be connected to a smartphone app that will check the battery status and alert you when it is getting really low. Some recharge devices also help to de-humidify the device so that you enjoy superior audio quality.

Environmentally Friendly

Over the lifespan of the hearing aid, the cost of batteries can easily add up to a substantial figure. But rechargeable batteries in top brands usually need replacement just once in a year. This is better for our environment. Most batteries have heavy metals like lead, nickel, mercury, and cadmium. So it is better to minimize the use of these batteries which usually end up in landfills. Rechargeable batteries are recyclable and they don’t end up in landfills.

Cost Effective

Recharge hearing aids have a higher initial purchase price than non-rechargeable models. But the cost of using disposable batteries could add up to hundreds of dollars annually. So the rechargeable hearing aid will save you hundreds of dollars every year and this will pay back the price of the charger and the device.

Long Battery Life

Due to the improvement in the quality of the batteries, the hearing aids now last for a whole day. This is particularly helpful for active people. There is no fear of losing power during the day and getting embarrassed during an important meeting or conversation.

People with hearing impairments can now heave a sigh of relief as they take full advantage of devices with the Roger FM system and rechargeable hearing aids in Edmonton. These hearing devices are simple to use, eco-friendly and economical.


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