If you are unemployed and need a loan urgently, quick loans for the unemployed can be one of the best ways to get that amount of money you need. You can request credits for unemployed , navigating through the sections of the upper part of this website.

Currently in Spain, there is a very big problem and it is the large number of unemployed and precarious work, if compared with other developed countries.

Loans for unemployed

Loans for the unemployed are advised for those people who are still receiving the unemployment money , social benefits or working without a contract . For the unemployed who have no income, it is not recommended that they make a request for a quick loan, because if they do not return it, the debt increases. It is also not advisable to ask for quick credits, which are the amount they receive, since then when paying the debt, they will be left without any money.

What do I do if I have stopped collecting unemployment and need a loan?

If unemployment has stopped, the situation is very difficult. You can use other alternatives that are not quick credits, like the examples in the following list:

  • Apply for a government grant : depending on your economic situation, dependent children or other factors, you can ask for government aid .
  • Use the pawn: the pawnshops, leave a good in deposit, during a certain time. For that deposit they give money, if that time passes, the pawnshops are in their right to sell it, to recover the investment. For example, you leave a television, an expensive watch etc …
  • Sell ​​second-hand goods: if you need money urgently and you do not have a fixed income, selling something of value can be one of the best alternatives to financing .
  • Sell ​​our jewels: they can pawn, but there is also the alternative of being able to sell them in sites dedicated to the purchase of gold and silver. Not everyone is lucky to have jewelry, but some people can resort to this alternative.
  • Borrowing from a friend or relative: it can be a shameful thing, but it can be better, than asking for a loan without being able to face the corresponding debt.