How to invest in construction? Times are changing and every time we can find more ways to invest, in this article we will talk about various ways to invest in construction.

Buy shares in companies related to construction or real estate.

The advantage of investing with shares or participations in construction companies, is that you do not need to have large capitals to do it, for example, to buy a house, you would need hundreds of thousands of euros, but with a thousand euros, you can buy shares in construction or real estate companies. Investing in the stock market in construction companies also allows investing in international industries, such as construction in France or in countries with higher profits.

You also have the advantage of being able to buy shares in different construction companies and not just in a company. With what the risk is decreased.

Real estate CrowdFunding.

With the new technologies, the ways of investing also change. Crowdfunding is based on a large number of online investors, in which everyone puts their two cents. For example, 500 investors, in which each place € 200.

  • More information : Invest in real estate corwdfunding with Inveslar . It is one of the most innovative platforms to invest in the real estate business, in a diversified way or even with very minor amounts to the general investment in construction and the real estate market.

There is a Crowdfunding platform dedicated especially to construction, called “Housers”. Where each investor chooses the project or set of projects, in which to invest. Other alternatives to “Housers” is Inveslar.

Invest in the purchase of urbanizable land.

Buying land can also be a very profitable business. A study must be made of the place where the land will be purchased and on the land. If it is an urbanizable land and it is in a tourist area, it can be a very profitable option.

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Search other countries to invest in.

It is not obligatory to have to invest in the area in which we live or in the country in which we live. Thanks to investments in international constructions, it is possible to take advantage of real estate bubbles in other countries or take advantage of real estate crises in other countries , such as in Spain. A country in the spotlight of Chinese, Russian, German investors etc …

Invest in new construction promotions.

Invest construction

If you want to invest in construction, buying flats or houses, it is recommended that they be new construction.

Investing in new construction promotions has several advantages. It will not be necessary to have to invest in housing reform, nor will it have the burden of being a second-hand home. Although it is also advisable to invest in second-hand houses, if it is a real bargain, such as the flats seized by banks.

Where can I see flats seized by banks? With the following link: List of real estate banks. They are very cheap housing and seizures, at a bargain price. There are large investment funds, called vulture funds, that specialize in this type of real estate investment.

You may think that investing in a building is only possible for people who have a lot of money, but many invest thanks to mortgage loans.